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Web Spam!bloodthirsty leeches waiting for their next meal from you...


Most search engines at least claim to forbid this activity.

However, you will likely find the now ubiquitous
" web leech sponsor "
reference and/or html code linking to web leech marketer.

If you find Web Leeches stealing your intellectual property:






Unique Web Trash:
Sedo.com claims
"Search over 7 million domains for sale"

Very likely a fraudulent claim;
more about Sedo...

Web Leeches are the Scum-Sucking Maggots
of the Internet Underworld!

A Web Leech is a website publishers who references YOUR business name, domain name and/or copyrighted text so that when someone is searching for you, they find the Web Leech's volume of websites; they do so to earn a few pennies per click from search engine companies while offering absolutely nothing of value or benefit to you! A Web Leech does this for money!

These are not pornographers or pedophiles or virus publishers, though in all likelihood such entities would make use of these practices to leech off of your valuable and hard-earned business reputation and brand recognition!

They steal your written words. They steal your photos. They steal your video footage. They steal your business name-matching domain names, and post "This domain may be for sale" on it with a price based on the number of clicks it gets... more clicks from your customers looking for you = more ransom money for their extortion!

Spies are everywhere..! Your search engine searches, and WhoIs domain name lookups can be automatically compared to databases of business licenses in your modem's geographic region, and automatically registered before you get a chance!

Beware. These are incredibly devious and selfish people who are usually hidden behind the anonymous WhoIs data that the worthless ICANN allows for a volume of leeches, spammers, criminals and assorted other Internet lowlifes; they frequently are or use offshore Internet services to publish a literally unlimited number of totally worthless websites with domain names such as xn--bfv93d.com (China) or ya-ru.net (Russia) or shop4job.de (Germany).

How are you affected?

  • Search results for your domain are diluted - "they" know how to manipulate search engines to come in at the top of your search results.
  • Those looking for you find "them" rather than you.
  • "They" list pages of ads of competing businesses advertising whatever you do or sell, leading to brand confusion and loss of $$$.
  • web leech conspirator and other search engines value links to your website for search engine results and placement; but links from Web Leeches (if there are any links) offer no value whatsoever.

  • Copyright Infringement - your website content is your proprietary business asset... who do these RATS think they are to automatically scan your website and republish your content without your permission - and make money from it?

How do you know?

  • "Google" (search) both, your domain names and variations of your business name with AND without quotations.
  • Scour every resulting website listed (budget plenty of time).
  • Report ALL Web Spammers to Google & Yahoo
  • Look up the owners:
    WhoIs Lookup
  • If they are located in America, call the rat's domain name registrar and/or web hosting company and explain that they are profiting from a criminal act (conspiracy and racketeering?!?).

Call the search engine company!!! DEMAND that they not only remove the offending websites from all search results, but that they permanently block that same web business from any and all future business relations.

If you search the World Wide Web with web leech promoter, Yahoo, Ask or other major search engines, they are designed to track and identify you from IP addresses and any other information they connect to it from your clicks and even pauses of your mouse over advertisements which you are likely to be reading. That means they CAN identify you if desired (or legally required).

If web leech promoter sends a payment to an web leech functionality web spammer, they would be lying if they claim to be unable to identify them. There is no cash involved; checks or wire transfers must be deposited somewhere. They CAN identify any web leech promoter client they wish.

If permanently blocked, there would not be enough banks for Web Leeches and web page spammers to open new accounts. Business names, business licenses and setting up new corporations would be difficult to manage over the long term. With luck, they might eventually give up or we might make them get a real job!

Certainly, they will make less money from stealing your identity, reputation, recognition and of course copyrighted intellectual property!

Beijing Innovative
Linkage Technology

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There is an unlimited volume of Web Leeches... more will be added soon.
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Recent leech:
arcog.com articles 'n content generator = thieves of intellectual and branded properties


Standard web leech backing Strategy
(how do you think web leech financer became the fastest growing company in history?).

Web Leeches are nothing less than thieves!

They steal your brand!

They steal your identity and name recognition!

They take your photos, written words and content right off your website, and republish it on their own (one or one hundred thousand) website(s) offering no links, no value and of course NO MONEY!

Are you a victim of a Web Leech?       Send your story:
Or try to deny anything published here. 


Screenshots and entire HTML pages have been stored as evidence.



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