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Are Web Leeches stealing from your hard earned reputation:



Web Leeches are the Scum-Sucking Maggots
of the Internet Underworld!

Most recent leech:     "a new Pay Per Click search engine"



Kahzam uses a database program to scan the World Wide Web and harvest domain names, key words and photos which they republish on their click-based advertising site while claiming to be a search engine.

Founders: Charles Loiacono and Kenneth Moore
Web site: www.kahzam.com
Address: 4100 N. Powerline Road, Suite C-4, Pompano Beach 33073
Phone: (954) 582-9770
E-mail: charles@kahzam.com, ken@kahzam.com

From their "About" page:
"Kahzam.com, is a new PPC search engine that enables new users and provides experts the opportunity to search the web and use our tools like, Music search and Job search powered by Careerbuilder.com. There is Video search, news article search, audio search, a directory and a local search that will enable users to get information on listings and see their locations on maps. We offer monthly advertising as well as the traditional keyword campaigns. Unlike other PPC search engines we offer an Advertising agency section that will enable Ad Agencies, SEO's and all other service providers the ability to add clients; maintain their ad word campaigns, banners, premium box advertising while earning a 25% commission from Kahzam.com."

1) Claim to be a search engine, but appear to leverage off of many other established Internet entities.

2) Publish volumes of other companies' domain names and key words, along with their copyrighted photos and image files to draw search engine traffic from individuals looking for specific businesses - finding your domain name on their website.

3) None of those stolen domain name references, key words or phrases or images are reachable from their home page; the only value of your/our business information is to Kahzam who is trying to profit from click ads from traffic led there by other search engines.


eKarma: There is a great deal of satisfaction derived from posting ads that derive revenues from the domain names and relevant contact and other data of the very same Web Leeches that are stealing from all of us.

*** Your every click helps fight this fraudulent Internet practice!



Call the so called search engine!!! DEMAND that they immediately remove the unauthorized use of your domain names and pictures from their pages. Or better yet, sue them and take some of their Web Leech profits.

sample kahzam.com  use of your business names and website photos for their profit - not yours!






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